1. Working out a theme

The process of commissioning begins with the client desiring something ranging from either very broad to very specific in concept. For example, a client may want a bench or sculpture and have no further idea of the style, material or detail at all. Another client may have detailed drawings and photographs already to hand. Wherever in this range the idea falls, it is always better for Jaz to discuss, preferably face to face, the concept in order to home in on a starting point for the design process. The theme is confirmed in writing. 

2. The Design Process

Drawings are made and 3 dimensional CAD (computer aided design) models are presented to the client. Sometimes real models are also needed. Ideas are rejected and honed until a solution is reached that meets and sometimes surpasses the client's requirements. (Surprising solutions can come about sometimes). The chosen design is agreed upon, time scales are set out, costs are worked out and agreed upon and the client then pays a deposit, normally one third of the total. 

3.   The Making Process

Jaz buys in the materials and will send photographs and short films ,where appropriate, of key stages in the making of the piece. The client is encouraged to visit the workshop to see first hand the piece being made. 

4. Completion

Once a client is happy that a project is completed the work is delivered and the balance is paid.

Please do contact Jaz to discuss a project. Remember there is no obligation to pay anything until a design is approved.