Shadow Globe Light Shade Kits

These stainless steel, guaranteed for life, light shades are laser cut with absolute precision so that a single filament halogen bulb will then cast shadows in all directions of the shapes on the globe's surface. The whole room will fill with snowflakes or butterflies or a design of your choice.

This Globe Light shades comes in a kit comprising 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons. These come together with easy to follow instructions on how to assemble into a sphere. In the kit is also a bag of stainless nuts and bolts, an allan key and a nut driver. If this all sounds a bit tricky and technical, it isn't. The video of me assembling the kit should re-assure you.

The images on this page show the available different designs and the prices for each kit. I can make virtually any design and size so please contact me to discuss any ideas you have.

If you're wondering how the various different designs are priced, it relates directly to how far the laser cutter has to travel to cut out the shapes; the more intricate the pattern and the bigger the size the more it costs.

The clear shadows will only work if a single filament halogen bulb is used but there are still diffuse shadows if you use an ordinary bulb.

See video
From £200 to £800 (inc. postage and VAT) - 700mm diameter
£600 (inc. postage and VAT) - 700mm diameter
£230 (inc. postage and VAT) - 500mm diameter