The Rose Mirror Candle Sconce

The Rose Mirror Candle Sconce is a design that is based upon sconces made hundreds, in fact, thousands of years ago. It greatly increases the light spreading efficiency of a candle. The combination of a rose and a candle is also very romantic. They make great presents. An eternal rose! You can give roses but this rose will last forever and candle lit dinners always help (help me and my better half anyway. LOL).

The roses I make are developed from the roses and ivy beds I make (see bed gallery) for the famous Conran Shop in London, five star hotels and for royalty in the middle east amongst others. So you're buying into a little bit of exclusivity!

The back plate will be made of stainless steel and the steel rose will be lacquered so these sconces can be used in more humid areas like bathrooms. Having a back plate also makes the candle safer; no burnt walls.

Dimensions and Hanging Information:

The sconce is 290mm high, 100mm wide and the rose sticks out from the wall by 130mm. It attaches to the wall by a discrete hanger to be used on a nail or screw head which is 20mm below the highest point of the backplate. Just hang as you would a picture.

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£65 (inc. postage and VAT)