The Nutkraken

The Nutkraken idea came about at Christmas. Needing to crack nuts I searched the house for a hammer and something hard to go underneath the nut. I had a brass pestle and mortar. It did the job but then I also had a small sculpture I'd made earlier in the year which was basically the Nutkraken but without the 3 tendrils; a metal ball and a cupped holder gas cut from a thick plate. I used this to crack nuts and it was better than the pestle and mortar but the ball kept rolling away. My Eureka moment was adding the tendrils to encapsulate the ball.

The "making of" video on this page shows me at work on the very one in the photos.

Do remember you are buying a hallmarked, handcrafted item and a work of art of exceptional quality that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Any queries please contact me.

See video
The Nutkraken - £70 including VAT and postage.
Detail of cupped base
Hallmark on base
The Nutkraken in use