Jaz Asbury's Profile

Jaz Asbury . Born 1967

Jaz was awarded the art prize at Hereford Cathedral School for 3 years running before going on to attain an honours degree in the history of art from The Courtauld Institute, London. He then had a 4 year period of being a dispatch rider, portrait painter, sculptor and graphic novelist. The graphic novel Nod's Dream was completed in 1993. In 1994-5 he attended the advanced blacksmithing course in Hereford before setting up as a sole trader immediately after the course finished. He has been a designer/maker in metals and other materials ever since.Between 2002 and 2006 he converted a church into a luxury home using steel to make many features such as balconies, light fittings, and staircases.(Click here to have a look) The incorporation of glass clear casting resins into his repertoire has been introduced over 2008 and has required many months of research and development. Click here to go to Working with resins.

The combination of very highly skilled, specialised knowledge of metalwork and resin techniques alongside his flair for design makes Jaz' work totally exclusive, original and of the highest quality.