Jaz Asbury Metal Design is a company specialising in designing and making bespoke staircases, sculpture, furniture, lighting, general and architectural fittings such as bridges, gates and railings. Customers include interior designers, architects and private clients prepared to look for the very best in contemporary metalwork. Twenty years of traditional blacksmithing skills, modern welding and fabrication techniques and highly original design combine to create "wow factor" work of the very highest standards. Every piece of work is unique.

Jaz has been working as a bespoke designer/maker since 1995. During this time over 450 commissions have been completed. His work has been made for exclusive hotels, restaurants, bars and private clients within the U.K., Europe and The Emirates. Working to deadlines is common and every job has been on time.

Please don’t let your imagination be limited by the photographs on this site. They are only a small taste of what is achievable. We can make just about anything. There is total flexibility when it comes to designing any type of project. Sometimes a design can be 100% by Jaz and others times by the client or anything in between. If you wish to enquire further please do not hesitate to contact us.